Elise Richey

Drupal Theme Development

Eldorado Reno Map Design and Drupal

Interactive Map

Eldorado Reno Map Design

Project Detail

Working on this project was the highlight of my time at Eldorado Resorts. It all started with wanting to point out the mobility lifts that they had on property. I pitched it as a Marketing piece and we added restaurants, bars and more. Using heatmaps, we were able to track what on property users wanted to see, and by doing so, use push notifications to upsell to guests and redirect the on property guests via WiFi.

Also developed custom theme for THE ROW launch in Drupal 8 - design comps from Agency for header and footer. I wrote the code to match their comps.



UX/UI and FrontEnd Development using svg map of "THE ROW" property as well as custom drupal theme.


JQUERY to manipulate x and y coordinates.


Quick Deets

Employer : Eldorado Resorts, Inc.

Site : therowreno.com




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  • What my junior devs say

    I have grown so much thanks to Elise. Elise has great leadership qualities and she takes the time to help others learn and understand every aspect of Web development. The biggest skill Elise helped me develop, is how to take any project from mock-up to production quickly.

    Eldorado Resorts, Inc.

  • What my managers say

    I worked with and Elise at the Times. Elise is someone I could always count on to get the work done, she has great dedication. She keeps deadlines, and can manage a large amount of workload with shifting priorities. Elise also kept herself up-to-date with her skills and continually learned new techniques. Elise has a great aesthetic as well. I highly recommend Elise.

    Seattle Times